Property Submission

This page will allow you to create your custom property listing for rent on ORBHO.
It is important you make this page as creative as possible, this is what will be used to create your marketing page!

Property Submission help.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory but some hints below.

Main Image

We only need one main image to get you listed, we can add images at a later date if needed.

  • Fill in with the name of the person or business that referred you to ORHBO if you have one.

Helpful Information

Terms of Use:

Sample finished listing


Property Name.

If you already have a name or you want to come up with something that may attract guests to your home.
This will be the first thing they will see.

Property Rate.

We have six levels. Choosing your property rate will dictate which level your property will be found in. You can put one specific number or a low and high range.
Levels and rates can be found on the home page.

Calendar Link

We can show visitors your current calendar so they know if the property is vacant. This is important so potential guests can see your availability.
You will need to ask your calendar provider for the iCal code. You can always send us this later but you should make sure you add it.


Probably the most important item. If they are not sized correctly they will not show your home at its best.
If you do not know how to resize or do not have someone who can help you can use one of many online free programs such as Picresize or Shrink Pictures

Getting us images

1. You can add the link to a file in a data program like dropbox on the form above.
2. You can send us a zip file to Pictures at ORHBO remember to add your property address to the file or email.
If you are having image trouble you can write to us for help at Contact Us

Image sizes and resolution.

1024 px x 683 px x 72dpi


25 or less.


jpeg (80% compression) or png

New Or Updated Images

We can recommend Tyto Media a photography service who will take pictures and video of your property from just $149.
Pictures are extremely important, if you need to update or don’t have access consider using this service.
Ask them to supply you images in the format above.