What Does ORHBO do?

ORHBO connects guests directly to owners and their management teams through the ORHBO network portal.

Is ORHBO a Management Company?

ORHBO does not have any part in the negotiation, management or rental of a property.
ORHBO is a dedicated platform for Orlando vacation homeowners to connect to guests looking to rent the very best vacation homes in Orlando from the most dedicated owners.

Who Will Handle the Guest Inquiry?

Guest inquiries go directly to the contact chosen by the owner. Owners may elect to have their property manager handle the guest inquiry or self-manage.

Who Will Service the Property Listing?

ORHBO admins will create and maintain the listing as needed.

Access the Network / Create an Account

An account is needed to access to the ORHBO network as an owner or a guest.
Access is Free and can be obtained HERE.

Join the Network

Currently, only vacation homeowners who are clients of The Jerry Barker Group can join the owners network.

Have a Question?

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