Orlando Rental Homes By Owner

“We have to find a way to get as much of the booking
back into the homeowners pocket as possible”

Mission Statement

It is the goal of ORHBO to provide a commission free environment for owners, a unique resource for guests and to provide a difference making program to reinvigorate the Orlando rental market.
The success of the short term rental business is dependent on the success of the home owners themselves.
Vacation home owners know the short term rental program is both complex and costly and the only way to offset costs is by either cutting service or improving returns.
There are no homeowners that want to reduce the level of service for guests so we have come up with a way to help improve returns – by helping owners retain a larger percentage of their rental revenue by not only reducing rental commissions but by eliminating them entirely!

So who are “we”?

We are the business owners who support the short term rental program owners. From Builders and Developers, Realtors and Property Managers, Furniture and Design Companies and many more of the service professionals who rely on the Orlando rental market to sustain their income and professional livelihood. By supporting ORHBO in the form of sponsorship and donations “we” are able to supply this unique service to owners and guests for free!

Vacation Home Owners

Lets clarify one very important point. ORHBO will not take any rental commission generated by a booking from the ORHBO website.
As an owner you get to keep 100% of your rental revenue. Inquiries will come directly from ORHBO to you. You can negotiate and service the guest directly or allow your management company to provide service.
ORHBO is not a management website, it’s function is to bring owners and and guests together. It will also encourages and educates owners on the potential to take on more responsibility to become more independent and increase profitability. In return you as a homeowner can better improve the guest experience and offer better value – everybody wins!


Only pre-qualified homes will be permitted to list on ORHBO. Since ORHBO has no financial benefit in the transaction ORHBO can choose only homeowners who provide a quality product and experience to guests. Homes and owners will be pre-screened to ensure they meet ORHBO standard. You will have to opportunity to negotiate the reservation with the homeowner or homeowners representation directly knowing you will get a quality product at a better price – everybody wins!

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